Life Insurance

Pulse provides Life Insurance for individuals and groups who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining cover due to the following reasons:

Medical condition(s)Pulse high risk life insurance
Nationality and / or Residence
Hazardous Hobby
Large Sums Assured

Pulse has the appropriate passport authorisations to conduct business in Belgium, France, The Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg and The Netherlands and cover is available worldwide subject to the grantee address being in a Lloyd’s authorised region.

We are a specialist company that has been providing non-standard or high-risk life insurance to individuals and groups for over 15 years. We use Lloyd’s of London underwriters and are a Coverholder for Kiln Life, Syndicate 308 at Lloyd’s. Having access to these specialist underwriters enables us to provide life insurance to those who other insurers have declined.

Level Term Insurance:

Your life insurance will cover you for a set term. You will be protected for a ‘lump sum’ amount that will stay the same throughout the term of your life insurance e.g. if you have a 10 year policy covering you for £50,000, this will be the same whether a claim is made at Year 1 or Year 2 etc – through to the final year, Year 10.

Decreasing Term Insurance:

Your life insurance will cover you for a set term. However, unlike level term insurance, the amount you are covered for will decrease throughout the term of your insurance e.g. if you have £100,000 of decreasing term cover over 10 years, this could go from £100,000 in Year 1, to a lesser figure in Year 2 (e.g. £90,000), to a lesser figure in year 3 (e.g. £80,000) and so on.

Family Income Benefit:

If a claim is made on your life insurance, your family will receive the payment, broken down annually, instead of as a single, ‘lump sum’ amount , which effectively replaces the salary of the deceased person.

Whole of Life:

Instead of having life insurance for a fixed term, you will be covered for the rest of your life. Certain exclusions will apply; for example, this policy is only available to individuals who are 50 years of age or older.

Gift Inter Vivos:

Your insurance will cover you for 7 years. It is designed to cover those who are passing on money/assets (the ‘gift’) to someone else. If the donor, passing on the gift were to die during the 7 year period, the recipient would be liable for inheritance tax. Our Gift Inter Vivos policy is designed to protect the recipient by paying out a lump sum, if a claim is made, to help them pay the Inheritance Tax bill.

Short Term Life Insurance:

This is a relatively new product which is designed to provide cover to someone who is in need of it quickly. For example, if the client is awaiting a GP report and they wish to obtain 30 days cover whilst awaiting the report to be returned and assessed. This can be extended should it be required. Alternatively, the client could be travelling abroad due to his occupation and requires 2 weeks life insurance whilst in that country as their current life insurance provider excludes travel to particular destinations. Cover is available for up to 1 year on this short term basis.

Please note that different requirements and exclusions apply to each of the above policies.